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Channel Partners By Region

FileCatalyst indirect channel partners include resellers, system integrators, value added resellers (VARs), and value added distributors (VADs) to distribute FileCatalyst accelerated file transfer solutions. Typically, VARs and system integrators will add consulting services and/or integrate FileCatalyst along with other products/solutions (ie. from our technology partners) and resell as an integrated solution. Reseller partners will purchase FileCatalyst with the intention of reselling it without modifications.

All of our channel partners focus on reselling FileCatalyst products in vertical markets (ie. media and broadcast, oil and gas, life sciences, etc.) and/or geographical regions where we may not have a local, direct presence. These partners are promoting, selling, implementing, and supporting FileCatalyst to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and success.

We are continuously looking for exceptional channel partners that focus on a particular geographical region and/or a particular vertical market. For indirect channel partners interested in more detailed information about promoting, selling, implementing, and supporting FileCatalyst, please feel free to contact us.

North America

Mexico – Net Brains

South America

Argentina – Malmo Digital
Brazil- Seal Broadcast & Content
Chile – Ríos y Cia
Columbia- Videoelec

Middle East

Turkey – Bilgipark
Israel – Onset Media Systems
UAE – Wecom
Egypt – Modern Broadcast Center


North Africa – Axix
East Africa – Onset Media Systems
South Africa- Inala Broadcasting
West Africa – Périactes Broadcast Solutions
Nigeria – Bytes


Azerbaijan – Offtech
Balkans – Tera Adria
Belarus – Offtech
Belgium – AV Group
Czech Republic – Traco
Denmark – Mediability
England – Tyrell
Finland- TV Tools
France – DID Technology
Georgia – Offtech
Hungary – Silicon
Italy – Video Signal
Kazakhstan – Offtech
Netherlands- ViaCloud
Norway – Mediability
Poland – Content Networks
Portugal – GTC
Russia – MM communications
Slovakia – Traco
Spain – Datos Media
Sweden- Mediability


Cambodia – Amrick Solutions
China – Daicy
Hong Kong – Magna Systems & Engineering
India – QC InfoTech, SRSG
Indonesia – Magna Systems & Engineering
Japan – Rikei
Malaysia – Amrick Solutions
Myanmar – Amrick Solutions
Pakistan – A&A Systems
Philippines – Amrick Solutions
Singapore – Magna Systems & Engineering
South Korea – RealTecBridge
Thailand – Amrick Solutions
Vietnam – Savis Technology Group